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Nekoreader, the "geekiest" feed reader

<(^.^)> ~ meow


Nekoreader is a client-side feed reader entirely configurable via 3 params in the url.
It has no settings page or it wouldn't be really geeky :)


Params ... &t= ... &s= ...

f, t and s are urls to:


Let's have a look at a real world example using Dropbox (or similar).

Here we're providing Nekoreader with 3 files that will be used to create the result page. You can click on the link below to see the result:




t(["                                              \
{{#feeds}}                                        \
  <h2>{{title}}</h2>                              \
  <ul>                                            \
    {{#entries}}                                  \
      <li><a href=\"{{link}}\">{{title}}</a></li> \
    {{/entries}}                                  \
  </ul>                                           \
{{/feeds}}                                        \

Nekoreader uses Google Feed API JSON result. Therefore any of the attributes listed there can be used in the template:


examples/style.css Nothing fancy here, really. Just a simple css file.

Using Nekoreader?

Would love to see how. You can share your feeds page in the project wiki.

And the name?

Because there's already a cool cat on GitHub :)

Other services working well with Nekoreader

Dropbox, Gist, GitHub repositories, etc... basically anything that can send JSON files.


Many informations can be found in the browser console.